New Year, New You

It’s that time of year…New Years Resolutions.

We think about the things we could do better, the things we want to accomplish, and dream about what our life could be.  It’s usually projected on how we can improve ourselves.  While that’s a good thing to do, it can also turn into pointing out and fixating on all the bad things about ourself or about our life.

In the midst of setting goals or evening praying about what God has for you this year, remember that you are created in God’s image.  You are human; your student is human.  We will make mistakes, we will have disappointment, but that one thing remains true: you are created in God’s image.  Your circumstances don’t define that.

Remember to encourage one another and practice the act of thanksgiving.  Not only to your student, but to yourself.

Don’t forget to say the positive things to your kid.  “You look great today.”  “You played an awesome game.”  “I’m glad you cleaned up the dishes.”  We can get lost in the “no’s” and the “don’t do that’s.”

Also, speak truth over yourself.  Your child is watching and listening to you.  Speak love to your spouse, speak love over yourself.

Lastly, if your resolution or your student’s resolution/ goal fails, get back up and keep trying; if that’s what you should do.  If not, maybe God wants you to flex and change that resolution/goal.

Just some reminders to start off our year! ?

I’m praying for you and your families this year! You have the most important role in their life.  We are here to support you and cheer you on!

Becca Ebenhoch

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