Questions Asked During Our Panel of Our Sex Series

Hey parents!  Wanted to give you a list of some of the questions that were asked during our panel which happened that last week of our sex series, “I Ship It.”  This gives you a good idea of what the students are thinking and maybe questions that can be addressed with your student.  I tried to break them up in categories to make it easier to follow.


– How to get over a break up?

– Mending a broken heart.

– How to tell if he/ she is the right one.

– Qualities to look for in a partner?

– If I’ve been hurt, how do I trust again?

– Is it wrong to date in high school?


– Are you a virgin if you’ve been raped?

– Are you a virgin if you’ve had oral sex?

– What is too far in a relationship?

– Is oral sex, sex?

– Can you get pregnant from anal sex?

– What is masturbation?  Is that a sin?

– Is polygamy a sin?

– Is it wrong to have impure thoughts if you don’t act on them?

– After you’re married, is masturbation wrong?

– Does all the temptation of porn, masturbation, etc. go away after you’re married?

– Is it hard to stay attracted to your spouse after you get married?

– How do I control my porn addiction?

– What if girls all around me are wearing clothes that make me stumble, how do I keep my thoughts pure?

– Is it bad to just look at porn, but not act on it?


– Is same sex attraction wrong?

– What if I’m having same sex attraction, but not acting on it?

– How do I help a friend that is dealing with same sex attraction?

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