Rescue Academy: Week 1 (HS&MS) 9.6.17

Brief Synopsis of what High School and Middle School talked about: 

Tonight, we started out new series called Rescue Academy.  Rescue Academy was created by Mike Foster to help people learn how to better love those that are in pain.  He gives many helpful tools to better love people.  For the next several weeks, we will be packing in amazing content that everyone can benefit from.  This week Kyle Belden spoke for High School and Wes Jang spoke for Middle School.  Here are some notes from the message:  (also see our facebook page for pictures of the doodles- )

-Pain makes us forget three really important things:

3 Fogs of Forgetfulness:

  • we forget who we are
  • we forget whose we are
  • we forget where we’re going

-When we don’t know these things, we don’t set ourselves up for success.

-We are like a lifeguard as a rescuer.  We recognize when people are in pain.

How to rescue:

  • We need to be present
  • We need to be aware of our surroundings
  • We need to be ready to act

Where should we rescue?  – Mike Foster describes this place as our “beach.”  An area in our life where we can say “me too.”  Where is the place in your life or people in your life that you have influence in.  This may be the place that you are most broken in.

-Shame is something where we believe we are flawed and unworthy of love.  Guilt is something we can get through with wise counsel and love.  -Shame beats us up and guilt wakes us up.

-Ways we try to deal with Shame:

  • Give yourself a trophy: if I do good enough, that will heal my shame.  You put lots of pressure on yourself and pump yourself up.
  • Give yourself an excuse: we try to justify what we’re doing and say, “oh look at what everyone else is doing, mines not that bad.” Or we try to blame other people.
  • Give yourself an escape: we do things that numb ourselves and try not to think about our pain.  ( could be drugs, alcohol, porn, etc.)

Ways to break shame:

  • radically accept people without judgement
  • remind people of their value and worth
  • treat people not as they are, but what they could become

(The doodles from facebook- link above- were the last things we talked about)

Follow Up Questions: 

  1. Why are you interested in helping others? In what areas do you want to grow as a rescuer?
  2. Why do you think people prefer to avoid getting involved in other people’s pain?
  3. Why is it so hard to radically accept people?
  4. Where would you say your “beach” is?
  5. How can you make sure that you don’t add to the shame that someone feels?  What are some things that you do to let them know they are loved by you?

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