Rescue Academy: Week 2 (HS&MS)9.13.17

Brief Synopsis of what High School and Middle School talked about: 

This week during Rescue Academy, we talked about addiction and depression.  Kyle Belden brought the message for High School and Wes Jang brought the message for Middle School.  Make sure to check out facebook for the doodles that went along with this message. ( )  Here are some notes from the night:

Addiction- a sign, symptom, or signal of distress is someone’s life.  Filling the void with a void.

  • at the core of addiction there’s a void. There’s something empty inside of you.

Ways to help

  1. Help the addict to see the reality. – sometimes the addict can’t see ahead of them and that this is the end all be all in a situation
  2. Cheerlead Ownership
  3. Avoid enabling- push them forward
  4. Don’t make ultimatums.
  5. Bring others in.- addiction can’t be beat on it’s own- there needs to be a community of people

The zones. (see flag doodle on facebook) When people are in these zones:

  • double red flag- danger! Talk to an adult or professional
  • red flag- professional help and community
  • yellow flag- basic life struggles and hurt
  • green flag- support and encourage them

-We start to rescue at the yellow and red flag.  Anything above that needs professional help.  You can’t shoulder that.

Depression- getting swallowed up by the void.

3 Magic Wands – we try to use this on a person, but really depression usually has all three components: emotional, physical, and spiritual.

  1. The “snap out of it” wand
  2. The “medicate it” wand
  3. The “rebuke it” wand

Ways to Help

  1. Go for a walk.
  2. Emotions and thoughts are linked.

-we should be pointing people towards hope, acknowledging the hurt and seeing how God is moving in their life.  We should have a balance of hurt and hype.  (see doodle on facebook)

Follow Up Questions: 

  1. Talk about what stood out to them about this weeks talk on addiction and depression.
  2. Why is there such a stigma attached to addiction?
  3. Why is healing in a community so important?
  4. How can we best understand all the components of depression- emotional, physical, and spiritual when walking someone through depression. (or dealing with depression yourself)

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