Rescue Academy: Week 3 (HS&MS) 9.20.17

Brief Synopsis of what High School and Middle School talked about: 

Kyle spoke for High School and Wes spoke for Middle school, continuing in our rescue academy series.  Here are some notes from the message.  (Don’t forget to check out our facebook for the doodles that go with this message. )

  • How do we cut through the noise and turn every moment into a miracle?

How to make the most of every moment:

  1. Figure out who you are talking to.  – 3 different types of people you may work with are broken, open, and moated people.  Moated being a person that doesn’t really want to talk about themselves and may direct the conversation towards the other person.  These people often hold swords and shields to protect themselves.
  • 3 swords: shame, rage, and blame
  • 3 shields: invisibility, distraction, and sedation

Doodle: Fat, Bone, Marrow     –  what kind of conversations are you having with people?  Are you staying in just the fat part?  Or are you going deeper?

  • Fat: shared stories, noisy details, rabbit trails
  • Bone: the concept or truth.  What’s really going on with the person. What’s hurting them.
  • Marrow: the core or break through truths.  What’s at the center of these hurts.

-Women at the Well story (John 4)

2. Create a space. – when you have a relationship you want to build a “nest” when talking or meeting with someone.  (Doodle: the nest)

  •  Warmth, quieting ( a quiet space), active listening, radical non-judgement, presentness.

3. Get rid of your phone.

Follow Up Questions: 

  1. Do you have moated people in your life? (or maybe it’s you)  What could you do to help them feel more safe to share the deeper things of their life?
  2. Discuss how we all can be better listeners in our life?  What normally distracts you when listening to someone?
  3. How can you, today, take your conversations with your friends to a deeper level?

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