Rescue Academy: Week 4 (HS&MS) 9.27.17

Brief Synopsis of what High School and Middle School talked about: 

During our last week of Rescue Academy Kyle (High School) and Wes (Middle School) talked on the topic of “stupid things to stop saying.” Here are some notes from the time:

  • we started off the time by getting feedback from students to make a chart of helpful words, hurtful words, and wobblers- word that could go either way.

Stupid Things To Stop Saying:

  1. What can I do? – this is not always the best thing to say, because we’re assigning a job to someone that is hurting.  Instead say, I’m on my way.  Or say something specific to do.
  2. It’s not that bad– our job is to be there/ empathize, not to minimize their pain.  Instead say, this is hard, but you can do it.  There is hope and we can get through this together.
  3. That was stupid– they may have done a dumb thing, but that doesn’t define them.  Instead say, this mistake doesn’t define you.
  4. They’re in a better place– people often say this after someone dies.  Sit in their pain with them for awhile. Instead say, I’m with you and I love you.  It’s way more powerful to tell someone where you are than to tell them where they are.
  5. Pull it together- Instead say, you’re stronger than you think you are. 
  • ask two questions if you’re at a loss for words. (watch your tone in these)
    • How’s that working for you?
    • How’s it working for the people around you?
  • We’re there to radically accept people where they’re at.  And champion personal responsibility in their lives.

Follow Up Questions: 

  1. What is something that stood out to you in this message? And what has been helpful for you during rescue academy?
  2. Think up some helpful and hurtful words.
  3. Why is it important to help someone take personal ownership in the healing process of their lives?

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