Be Neighborly

Let’s face it: our “new normal” is starting to get old. We want to give you fun and creative ways to love and encourage to your neighbors and others in our community. During this season of sheltering in place and people feeling isolated, let’s get to know our neighbors and bless those around us who are giving so much of themselves.

Each week, we’ll share an idea of how you can Be Neighborly with those who live just a few doors down from you or with anyone in our community who could really use the encouragement. We’ll also store those ideas here on this page so you can come back and find them any time.

Now go out and Be Neighborly! We’d love to see what you do so post a photo with the hashtag #beneighborlycp and we can encourage each other as we love our neighbors!


Print this sheet and stick it on your fridge to remind you to be thinking of your neighbors! Draw or write about your activities each week.
Download sheet


Prayer Walk

Prayer walking is a form of intercessory prayer, praying for the needs of others around you. As you walk, you silently pray for each person, each house, each need that you notice or anything that you believe. God is moving you to pray for. You can do this individually, as a couple, or with your family.

Download Prayer Walk Tips


Flower Power

Buy a flat of flowers, some potting soil and plastic drinking cups. Place individual flowers and some potting soil in cups and tape and an encouraging note to it. Deliver each flower cup to your neighbors to let them know you are thinking of them. Consider leaving your address and phone number in the note you write, so your neighbors know how to stay in contact with you, if they don’t already have that info.

Download Flower Power Print Out


Say thank you to local heroes

Thank your local heroes in your neighborhood by giving them a plate of goodies or find other creative ways to say thank you. Healthcare workers, assisted living/nursing home staff, educators, grocery and food service workers, delivery drivers, firefighters, police, and so many more who are working so hard to keep everyone safe and healthy during this pandemic. If you don’t know anyone in your neighborhood like this, consider donating to Meals for Heroes Modesto.


Leave a personal note on your neighbor’s porch

As a family, create some fun notes using the downloadable templates provided, or by creating your own. Write an encouraging note on it for your neighbors and then leave it on your neighbor’s porch for them to find and enjoy. Consider including your address, your phone number and a printed family picture, so they can recognize you, if they do not know you yet. If have someone who is vulnerable or is a senior citizen in your neighborhood, consider leaving a note on their porch with your name and phone number, offering to run errands or simply chat on the phone if they’re feeling lonely.

Hi Neighbor note Here’s a hug note From family note


Acts of Service

You can show love to your neighbors by doing acts of service for them. Check to see if there is anyone who needs help with yard maintenance, taking the trash bins to and from the curb, getting the mail or morning newspaper, walking their dogs, or by offering to do a shopping trip to the store for some needed groceries.


Spread Joy through Art

Write encouraging messages in chalk on your driveways or on your sidewalk. Make rock art by painting letters on rocks to form encouraging words. Place the rocks in your yard where your neighbors will see them or place them on your neighbor’s yard (if you know they would be ok with it) to spread some joy around!

Care Packages

Make a care package for your neighbors! Put a few rolls of TP, a plate of freshly baked cookies, and a few other fun items together that would brighten their day. Don’t forget to include a note to let them know who it was from!

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