California Wildfire Relief 2018

CrossPoint Family,

As you probably know, many people are being affected by wildfires in California. Some have lost loved ones, some have lost homes, and many are living day to day wondering if they will be the next to evacuate or if anything they own will even be there when they return. Many of you in our church family have personally had loved ones affected by the fires in California, and we continue to pray alongside you for their safety and God’s hand of grace on them through this journey.

We are prayerfully considering what God wants us, as the CrossPoint church family, to do on behalf of our neighbors who are struggling in the middle of these difficult circumstances. We are in contact with some churches in the Redding and Lakeport/Kelseyville areas that are assisting in sheltering and being alongside the hurting. With close contact daily with relief efforts, we are assessing how best to help.

What we do know: God calls us to love people who are hurting. We are to love our “neighbors.”

“You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind, and your neighbor as yourself.” Luke 10:27

How should we, as God’s church, respond? We do know we are to PRAY without ceasing. We do know we are to bring HOPE to the hurting. And we want to do that!


we ask that you consider committing to praying daily for people in the affected areas. If you will commit, please email us at We’d love to share with the church family how many of us are praying so let us know! We’ll also be able to send you current updates as we receive new information so you know what to pray for.


if God leads you, you can contribute to CrossPoint’s Disaster Relief fund. You can give online here or drop your donation in the offering plate on Sunday, (designated to CA Wildfires). All of the funds donated at this time will go to the California Wildfire relief efforts. We will keep you updated on the specific use of these funds and how God leads us to distribute them. You will automatically receive a giving receipt you can use for tax purposes via email upon your online contribution. All donations will also be accounted for on your annual giving statements.


the Redding area needs help sifting through the ashes alongside homeowners/occupants. This is a tremendous task both physically and emotionally for people who now are looking for anything of value where their home once stood. This is one way we can help with the task and be “with” the hurting and love them by serving them in this difficult endeavor ahead. We are working on setting up a few teams to go in the next several weeks. If you’re interested in participating, please email Kristine at If it’s determined that it would be beneficial to formulate a team to “go,” we’ll contact you to discuss options.

Thank you for loving others and responding to bring hope to people facing devastating circumstances!

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