BLOSSOM: Women’s Conference 2021

  1. Oct 01 - Oct 02, 2021
  2. Fri, 7-9 pm & Sat, 8:30 am-3 pm
  3. Pavilion
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Blossoms are unique, beautiful, and part of a bigger process—a process that takes place in various seasons. As women, we also are like blossoms. We’ve been created for a life of abundance, in which we blossom into who God designed us to be! You may be in a season of great fruitfulness and are experiencing God in wonderful ways … or you may feel like you are a withering flower, needing hope, replenishment, and practical equipping. Join us October 1 & 2 to be equipped and refreshed as you blossom!

$40 on or before September 12

$55 After September 12

Registration closes September 26!

This two-day conference:

    • Includes two workshops
    • Includes conference packet of materials and resources
    • Includes Friday dessert and Saturday continental breakfast/lunch
    • Includes coffee and water
    • Doors open on Fri, Oct 1 at 6:30 pm & on Sat, Oct 2 at 8 am


Michealle Hoag is the lead pastor’s wife at Cornerstone Community Church in Manteca, CA. She and her husband, Scott, have been serving there for 20 years. Before that, they were associate/children’s pastors at First Assembly in Lancaster and Harbor Light in Fremont. Scott and Michealle have been married for 28 years and have three children and two grandchildren.

Michealle was born and raised in Fremont, CA.  She attended Fremont Christian School and was raised in a Christian family. She is the oldest of 11 children, with many funny stories of growing up in a real “Cheaper by the Dozen” household with three sisters and seven brothers.

She graduated from Pepperdine University with a degree in English and Theater and then worked on her teaching credential at Bethany Bible College.

There have been many different seasons of “teaching” for Michealle. She has taught at all age levels, kindergarten through high school, and many women’s Bible studies. She has also enjoyed speaking at women’s events and conferences throughout CA.

Currently, Michealle is the women’s ministry director at Cornerstone Manteca. She is also the Director of Cornerstone Creative Arts Studio and Theater, providing quality education in fine arts and producing community theater productions. She loves spending time with her family, especially her grandbabies, reading, directing theater productions and traveling with missions teams. Her greatest passion is studying God’s Word and bringing it alive to others. It is her desire to see women of all ages experience a deep relationship with God and become all that God has designed them to be.


On Saturday, you’ll be able to choose two of these workshops:

Organic Mentoring led by Charla Zuhlke
Jesus intends for others in our lives to help grow us into His image. Charla will help us learn a simpler way of mutually beneficial blessing in this non-traditional approach to mentoring.

Restoring the Seedbed of Hope led by Melissa Steckler
Maintaining a sense of hope in certain seasons of our lives can be a real struggle. While sharing from her personal stories, Melissa will lead us into a journey back to the encouragement and life-giving truths of the Lord that we may be thirsting for right now.

Family Conflicts with Grace led by Kourtney Kauffman, MFT
Family relationships can be tough, complicated, messy, and frustrating! Kourtney will help us learn some practical tools to strengthen us in these most challenging of relationships.

Cultivate Peace from Anxiety led by Sarah Andrews, MFT
Anxiety is an epidemic in our world, so how can we experience the peace Christ offers us? Sarah will teach us to re-calibrate our minds on truths from God and apply some needed tips to break out of a cycle of anxious thinking.

LGBTQ+ and the Church led by Kristine Kauffman
Today’s culture is struggling with redefinitions of gender, sex, marriage, and family. In this session, Kristine guides us on how to tackle this very challenging topic with wisdom, grace, and the hope of developing a Christ-compelled compassion through a gospel-focused lens.

Truth Over Lies: Clear Mind, Bold Heart led by Leah Ashford, CPC
How would your life be different if you could stop the negative thoughts swirling in your head? Leah will offer several methods to change your thinking—from what your “life story” has said you are or should be—to believe the truth about who God says you are, and who He wants to help you become because of His deep love for you.

Tending to the Suffering led by Renee Pratt
Everyone goes through trials of all kinds, yet we often feel inadequate to care for others who are hurting. Our own hardships make us wonder if God has a good design for us in it. Hear from Renee’s own journey of pain, and the life-altering truths God continues to teach her, and others, through it.

Beautifully Rooted: How to Study the Bible for Yourself led by Melanie Evans
This session is for you if you struggle to know where to begin with studying God’s Word. Melanie offers suggestions to equip you with some simple approaches to Bible literacy, partnering your emotions with sound thinking skills. Learn to use practical tools to yield much fruit from your time in the Scriptures.

Nurturing Our Friendships: In Any Season led by Ann Sweet
Like the seasons, our friendships also go through changes in the different stages of our lives. How do we relate and connect through these seasons? Ann guides us to consider ways we can be more intentional and creative with how we maintain these important relationships.

Growing Your Godly Influence in the Workplace led by Suzi Hurlburt
For many working women who know Jesus, it can be a challenge to steer clear of workplace drama, gossip, and negativity. In this practical session, Suzi offers ways to better reflect Christ’s love and grace to our co-workers and clients, so that we may have an even greater influence for Him where we work.


BLOSSOM: Women’s Conference 2021


Sarah Burton is the contact person.

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