Concert & Dessert

  1. Fri, Sep 14, 2018
  2. 6:30 pm
  3. Pavilion
  4. None

Come and enjoy Jeremy “Elvis” Pearce at this year’s Concert & Dessert. Jeremy has been performing as Elvis since he was 8 years old and he’s turned his love and respect for Elvis into his lifelong passion. He’s from Fresno, but he has performed all over the state of California, as well as in Las Vegas, Memphis, and Lake Tahoe (at the same hotel where Elvis used to perform).

This will be an evening of fun, laughter, entertainment, as well as a delicious dessert! Jeremy will be performing Elvis’ secular songs in the first half of the show and will then perform his gospel collection in the second half of the concert. Don’t forget to invite your friends and enjoy an evening of Elvis music and yummy desserts!

Concert & Dessert


Felisha Brody is the contact person.

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