Grandparenting Matters

  1. Oct 24 - Nov 21, 2021
  2. 10:45 am
  3. The Point, downstairs
  4. None

This five-week class will help you overcome grandparenting obstacles, equip you with practices to implement in passing on your faith, and provide a strategy for reaching the hearts of your grandchildren.

No need to register to attend this class.

Due to popular demand we are replaying sessions from the 2021 Grandparenting Summit.

Here are the topics and speakers that will be shown each week:

  • 2021 Legacy Grandparenting Summit Reflection & Coffee Talk
  • 21st Century Christian Grandparent, by Larry Fowler
  • Grandparents Who Carry Fire: Raising Resilient Disciples, by Valerie Bell
  • Restoration: The Unique Ways that Christian Grandparents Can Advance the Kingdom of God, by John Stonestreet
  • Building Sticky Faith in Your Grandkids, by Kara Powell


Grandparenting Matters


Felisha Brody is the contact person.

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