1. Sun, Oct 24, 2021
  2. 9-10:30 am
  3. Office Bldg, Fireside Room
  4. None

Do you feel stuck in a loop and wonder why things aren’t changing? Are you in a pattern of loneliness, failure, or fear?
We believe that Jesus offers hope and freedom from the destructive patterns we often choose in life.

Patterns is designed to help you see Jesus and the community He’s put around you to help you develop healthier thought processes and behaviors. Patterns is a community of people that journeys together to learn the truths and patterns that God maps out for us to follow. Throughout the series, you’ll hear teachings from some of our pastors and other ministry leaders who have found freedom in their own struggles and patterns of thinking. In small groups, you’ll work through what it means to live a life of following Jesus.

We’ll talk about things like dealing with anxiety, and the lies we believe about ourselves and how they affect us.



Kristine Kauffman is the contact person.

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