Serve at Christmas

  1. Dec 08 - Dec 29, 2019
  2. CrossPoint Campus
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Let’s get our church home ready for Christmas! Just as we spend time preparing our own homes to welcome family and friends, we want to convey a spirit of hospitality throughout our church campus in our own Christmas-y way.

We’ll keep celebrating Christmas every Sunday morning in December and there will be lots to do! You can:

    • serve yummy treats


    • help with activities in the park


    • greet guests


    • pull a sleigh


    • set up for or clean up after the morning’s festivities


    take photos of all the fun

You can also help with the Christmas parties for Ralston Tower and Monday Night Church.

Look over all the details at the link below and sign up today. Help make the season bright!

Serve at Christmas


Verity Mollett is the contact person.

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