Culture Team

  1. Sep 08 - Dec 01, 2022
  2. First Thursday of the month, 4-5 pm
  3. None

We are looking for students who love Jesus and who call CrossPoint Students their home

The Culture Team at CrossPoint Students is a group of students who feel called to serve in the ministry at CrossPoint Students. This means serving as Jesus did: caring for, praying, and loving each other. We are all called to be a part of this ministry, this means that instead of waiting for someone more “qualified” to lead, we step in and fill the needs knowing that God will equip us with everything we need to do so. On this team we will serve together, pray for each other, and encourage each other to become more like Jesus every day – not just Wednesday nights. This is not another program, but a gathering of people called to serve Jesus and more specifically, CrossPoint Students.

As a member of this team, I will commit to:

  • Be a committed part of CrossPoint Students gatherings (Hebrews 10: 24-25)
  • Pursue a godly and growing relationship with Christ (Gal 3:27)
  • Be “on mission” with what God has called us to do in making disciples by bringing people who are far from God closer to Him. (Matt 28:16-20)
  • Intentionally live a godly lifestyle. (Gal 5:22-25)
  • Continually grow in my walk with God by personal devotion and time with God (Col 1:9-12)
  • Be an example of worshipful behavior at CrossPoint Students gatherings, in my home, and everywhere I go. (1 Tim 4:12)
  • Pray consistently for what God is doing and is going to do at CrossPoint. (Eph 6:8)
  • Give the very best of my skills to serve God and this team. (Prov 3:9)
  • Be in communication with your coach (Proverbs 15:22)

Practically, this means:

  • Serve on this team for at least one semester
  • Arrive on campus at 5 pm to set up and create a welcoming environment
  • Assist in tear down after the night is over
  • Attend monthly team gatherings on the first Thursday of each month from 4-5PM

**Please note, our first meeting will take place on September 8**



Culture Team


Sherah LaBelle is the contact person.

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