Ways to Connect with Jesus this Summer

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With all the things that happen during the summer it can be easy to get swept up and forget to invest in our relationship with Jesus. As followers of Jesus we want to continue to grow closer to Him. Use this page as a resource to continue to grow in your intimacy with Him this summer.



Something that helps us grow closer to Jesus is through our worship. He is our King and deserves our praise! One of the ways we can worship is through singing out our praise to Him and connecting to Him through music. Check out this playlist we put together to help you keep a heart of worship this summer!

Spotify Worship Playlist


Prayer is another great way we can connect with Jesus. Prayer is really just us talking with God. It can be done anytime, anywhere and for any amount of time. Here are some things to keep in prayer this summer:

  • People in your life that don’t know Jesus yet
  • The felt needs of people around you. (health, finances, shelter, anxiety, stress, etc.)
  • That your love and affection for Jesus would grow
  • Your personal relationships with friends, family, coworkers, etc.
  • That we will be able to hear God’s voice
  • To open our eyes to how He is working in our lives and the lives of those around us.



Another way we can connect with Jesus is diving deeper in His Word. We have the awesome privilege of having so much Scripture and knowledge available to us and we want to make sure to take advantage of it. The truth is, reading His Word is the best and most effective way we can grow closer to him, but it can feel overwhelming. Here are some common places to start reading in God’s Word.

  • John: This book tells the story of Jesus’ life on Earth.
  • Acts: This book helps us see what a life surrendered to the Holy Spirit looks like.
  • Romans: This book is great for followers of God who want to dive deeper into their faith.
  • Ruth: A book in the Old Testament that so clearly shows God’s hand at work in everything.
  • Psalms: This books is just good for the soul.


You can also find all kinds of reading plans and resources through the YouVersion app which is free to download.


Reading the Bible is always the best and first option when connecting to Jesus, but it can also very helpful to read how God has been and is working in other people. Here are some books that have had a huge impact on us that you might be interested in as well.


Another way we can dive deeper in our understanding of and intimacy with Jesus is hearing solid teaching from other believers.



Seeing God work in the world is another great way to be inspired to let Him work through us as well. Here are two movies that are both challenging and encouraging to our faith.

Free Burma Rangers

Sheep Among Wolves Volume II

Ways to Connect with Jesus this Summer


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