Women’s Conference 2019

  1. Jan 25 - Jan 26, 2019
  2. Various
  3. Pavilion
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The WE ARE THEY Women’s Conference 2019 will bring women of all ages and stages of life together to have fun together in community, be renewed with God’s Word, to be refreshed with worship, laugh together, and to be inspired in their personal walk with Jesus.

Friday, January 25 | 7-9 pm

Saturday, January 26 | 8:30 am-3 pm

Location: Pavilion, 1325 12th St, Modesto

$40 on or before January 14

$55 After January 14

Registration closes January 21!

Friday night, 9-10:30 pm | Optional Craft Session
led by Holly Stavness from Holly Anna Calligraphy
We’ll be making a wooden beaded garland | Additional $10 | Space is limited

This two-day conference includes:

  • Two workshops of your choice
  • Conference packet of materials and resources
  • Includes Friday dessert, continental breakfast, and lunch on Saturday



On Saturday, you’ll be able to choose two of these workshops:


Surrender – Obey – THRIVE led by Kelly Clawson

Life doesn’t always go the way you want. Be encouraged as Kelly shares foundational truths that draw you closer to the heart of God and feeds your weary soul. Learning to surrender allows you to experience a deep and transformed way of life. This session will equip you with principles that are relevant and lasting to fuel a life that thrives.


Dream GIVER led by Annie Mollett

We all have dreams and desires, but do they line up with what God has planned for you. Join Annie for this session and you will be inspired to hear about her journey in discovering the dream God has placed on her heart. “God is the giver of all good things”, glean ideas and gain vision on how to seek and be open to the dream[s] God has for you. One session only; geared to young adults.


ABUNDANT L. O. V. E. led by Michele Corgiat, MFT

How well do we love those we’ve been given to care for? Don’t miss the beauty of loving these individuals while juggling different generations. In this practical breakout session, Michele will equip you with biblical truths and practical tools to help you establish healthy boundaries in family care from aging parents to raising grandkids. One session only.


Confidante led by Judi Paterson

Be a woman who will stand in the gap and make a difference in someone else’s life. Judi shares how to cultivate and nurture a safe relationship. It is a privilege that allows someone to be able to confide in you. In this session, we’ll discover ways in which we can mature into trustworthy, caring, and confidential women.


TRUE Transparency led by Kourtney Kauffman, MFT

Being open and available in relationships takes risk. How much do you share and how much do you guard? In this breakout session, Kourtney helps us reframe “authentic vulnerability” and the critical role it plays in healthy connections. Learn practical tools and biblical principles that will encourage reliable, dependable, and trustworthy relationships.  


Fan the Flames led by Bryana Porter and Carolyn Turner

If you have been married one year or 50 years this breakout session with Bryana and Carolyn will help equip, nurture, and fan those flames to a richer and stronger marriage. Join them as they share from their experiences and timeless biblical principles. The key to a thriving and joy-filled marriage starts with willingness and a teachable heart. Marriage is a lifelong adventure of growing together.


Likes, Views, and Follows led by Sarah Andrews, MFT

Whether you are face to face with your neighbor, hanging out in the marketplace, or online with social media, “We are always in the public eye.”   Join Sarah for this breakout session as she challenges you to use your everyday events to communicate your love for Jesus with confidence as you interact with others. Boldly initiate conversations with others, or sharing comments, posts, or pictures on social media that represent your connection to the heart of God.


Thank You, Gracias, Merci led by Lisa Sandberg

Thank You in any language at any time is a worthy gesture that reveals the condition of your heart. In this workshop Lisa takes an honest look at the things that entangle us and keep us from a true heart of gratitude. Be inspired, encouraged, and equipped to experience a grateful attitude that fosters a thankful heart.


K N O W N led by Janet Muncy

When God’s known character seeps into our unknown situations of life, it has the power to transform them. Janet speaks about significant attributes of God with the hope that they will position you to experience life-changing qualities in your personal life. Knowing God’s character has the power to radically influence our families, communities, and culture.


All-in Parenting … Fearless – Faithful – Fulfilling led by Tracy Blount

What is shaping your family today?  Faith or Fear … Be freed from trying to be the perfect parent, just be available. Tracy speaks on practical ways to replace the culture’s influence with Biblical truth.  Build confidence to be an intentional parent or grandparent and impact the faith of your family.


Relationships! Who needs them? … WE ALL DO!  led by Alyssa Strand

We were created for community, but being in community takes work. Most often we walk away from a first encounter with high expectations that never really pan out. Alyssa will share with you some fun tools to help you discover your personality type and how to better relate to people.




Women’s Conference 2019


Bonnie White is the contact person.

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