Women’s Home Groups

  1. Aug 19 - Apr 30, 2019
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Women’s Home Groups meet on various days and locations. The purpose of home groups is to help us live and serve more like Jesus. We’ll do this by focusing on:

When we put Jesus first, He becomes more important than any preferences or any differences we may have. Jesus must be the connecting thread we share as a group, and the effect is the Gospel community we will experience together.

We will begin to be transformed and live more like Jesus when we understand God’s message in His Word and then intentionally live out the Gospel together. This means we need to be committed to Jesus first and to each other’s growth.

We need to care for each other as we are in the process of living more like Jesus. Each week we will learn how to love and care for each other through prayer, encouragement, listening, challenging one another, and serving each other.

Click the button below to find a group. The group’s leader will give you details about where the group will meet.

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Women’s Home Groups


Bonnie White is the contact person.

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