Arie McManus

Administrative Assistant | Live Like Jesus

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My Family

I am married to my wonderful husband, Danny, and we have a little girl, Grace, who is already super independent and a major dare-devil. But we love it!

My Heart

Have you ever walked into a doctor’s office for an appointment that you weren’t looking forward to, to be greeted by a receptionist who was kind and warm and made you feel a little better about being there? I strive to be that “receptionist” to everyone I encounter in any environment I find myself in. Every person has value and worth and if I can communicate that through something as simple as a smile or asking how their day is going, I will!

Something Random

Food is my life (other than Jesus, my husband, and my kid, of course). I especially love trying new foods and I definitely wish I was better at cooking. I also love to travel, drink coffee, and watch Gilmore Girls on repeat.

Arie McManus


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