Brett Richmond

Family Ministries Pastor

  1. (209) 521-0181, ext 2438

My Family

Kate (spouse), Isabella, Ethan, and Olive (children)

My Heart

I believe that all creation is called to love God and when we rebel against this we experience sin and brokenness. I believe that every person has a purpose that starts with meeting and falling in love with Jesus as their savior.  I believe for humanity to experience true peace we have to be led by the Holy Spirit to embrace repentance and humbly live with a mission to love God, love ourselves and love others.

Something Random

Three things I think every day:  What am I doing and what is its purpose? What are we having for dinner and when? Why did I just do that?

Things I believe: Everything has a positive side. Routines are essential and changes are necessary.

Three weird things I do:  Collect hobbies and change them every three years. Constant need for balance and items to be in odd numbered formation. Drink a warm Coke with dessert.

Brett Richmond


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