Danny McManus

Middle School Director

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My Family

My wife Arie. Pronounced (R-E) but she’s too nice to correct you, and the coolest kid Grace.

My Heart

I grew up in Arizona. Which is where I met my wife. I spent 6 years as a paramedic before I moved into full time ministry. I have always been in some form of youth ministry. For what ever reason God designed me to hang out with students and I am all in. We moved to Illinois for a few years right when we got married but we are west coast people…so here we are. I love hanging out with Middle Schoolers and am one of the rare people who want to be in youth ministry the rest of my life.

Middle schoolers are the epitome of transition. They are no longer kids but not quite independent enough to make it on their own yet. They want to know 3 things…where do I belong, am I really loved, and who am I? I believe God has real answer to all these questions. If we can show middle schoolers who Jesus is all of their life can be changed. I want to see an army of students who are used by God today. They don’t need to wait until they are older God has gifted them and is ready to use them. My heart is to see generation after generation find Jesus and take him to all the ends of the world.

Everything we are supposed to be can be boiled down to doing 2 things. Loving God with everything we have and loving others like we love ourselves. It’s easy to say and really hard to do. I want to see a generation of Christ followers who aren’t afraid to give Jesus their everything. To stand for truth no matter what and love more fiercely than anyone thought possible. We should be about following Christ. Everyone has a story and every story matters. The answers to all questions, all heartache, all joy are found with the creator. So let’s share the creator with everyone.

Something Random

Well I’m a super nerdy guy who likes the outdoors. You can find me playing ultimate frisbee, hunting, or just as easily playing video/board games, or hang out with my DnD friends. I am very much a “tell it how it is” kind of person. Also anytime you want to go get Mexican food I’m in….or any food for that matter.

Danny McManus


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