Dave Conway

Facilities Director

  1. (209)521-0181, ext 2806

My Family

Wife, Tonja.  Kids: son, Adam and his wife, Mariah; son, Paul.

My Heart

I love that God wants to have a relationship with me. To think that the God of all wants to have a personal relationship with me is awesome!

Something Random

My family loves to go to Disneyland together. I have adult kids and I think the older they get the more they like going to Disneyland together. My wife and I are recent empty nesters who love our kids dearly but are enjoying them being out of the house. 🙂  I love motorcycles and have been on a street bike from the time I was 15. I have a home shop where I am always building  some ridiculous vehicle. If it rolls, floats or flies I am either interested in or maybe building one.

Dave Conway

(Psalm 47:1) "O clap your hands all ye people-shout unto God with a voice of Triumph." I have tried to live my life by this verse. It is proof that God loves the noise of a good Triumph, but I think the sound of a Ducati or a small block Chevy with a large camshaft and loud pipes are also music to His ears. Not sure I totally understand that verse but if it isn’t music to God's ears it sure is to mine.


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