Felisha Brody

Administrative Assistant | Senior Adults & Congregational Care

  1. 209-521-0181, ext 2370

My Family

My husband, Nick

My Heart

I truly enjoy encouraging people when they might be feeling “lost.” There have been many amazing people in my life who have not only brought me so much joy, but have also helped me in my walk with Jesus! Sometimes I can struggle with fully surrendering my fears to God, but through those experiences, I’m able to encourage others on how important it is to put their complete trust and faith in the plans God has for them. God’s plans are ALWAYS going to be better than ours!

Something Random

I am a Backstreet Boys fan since about 1997-1998 (over half of my life)! I love drinking coffee/tea, eating donuts (Mr. T’s), froyo (Yogurt Mill) or ice cream, and anything pumpkin spice! I also love cows, pigs, dolphins, whales, and the ocean! My favorite white elephant gift I’ve received was the four goldfish from Life Together’s Christmas Party!

Felisha Brody


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