Jacob Rowe

Elementary Ministry Assistant

My Heart

As a long-term member of this church, I have grown up and been impacted by so many at this church being able to look to them and see God’s heart and being led to experience God through them. I am very excited to be able to have the opportunity to spread the experiences I was given to a younger generation of believers. I love and have so much compassion for others and brings me great joy to be able to share that with others in fun ways.

Something random

I love traveling. I have been all over California and the United States and have been to five other countries: Taiwan, Honduras, Guatemala, Peru, and Mexico. The outdoors is my favorite place to be when I need to relax or get away whatever it may be, hiking, rock climbing, or just enjoying being there. Star Wars and Marvel will be my go to’s whenever I’m needing something to watch because they are so awesome and there’s always so much of it.

Jacob Rowe


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