Kristine Kauffman

Rescue Director

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My family

Married to Lloyd Kauffman for 32 years and counting! He is my treasured partner in life and ministry. We have six grown children ages 22-32, four are married, and I am thoroughly enjoying being a grandma! 

My heart

Jesus has turned my life into a meaningful journey! Since the day I met Him and He rescued me, He has continued to work in me to show me the world through His eyes. He has walked with me through challenges and disappointments, and celebrated with me in the blessings He has given. I don’t know what is around the corner, but I know I never go it alone. I am so thankful that CrossPoint has been woven into my story. I love what God is doing here, and it is a privilege that He has put me in this church family!

Something random

When all of the kids are home, I love to play games until wee hours of the morning, so loudly that the neighbors sometimes wonder what is going on in our house! I “might” have a reputation to be a bit competitive.

I enjoy sitting across the table with a friend sharing about life and drinking a “good” cup of coffee.

I love it when God puts me in a situation to love someone that feels unlovable or invisible. That might be one of my favorite things.

Kristine Kauffman

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