Kyle Belden

High School Pastor

  1. 209-521-0181, ext 2506

My Family

My wife, Megan, is my best friend and life has been one amazing adventure after another since I met her. We have two awesome kids named Abby and Judah who constantly make life hilarious.

My Heart

It super pumps me up to see students respond to the truth of the Gospel. To see a life turned upside down by Jesus never gets old. So often I think we treat students like they can’t fully understand or live out a life really surrendered to Jesus. But they can! And it’s awesome! So my passion is to help students put Jesus first in their life, and embrace the messy and costly (but insanely worthwhile) thing called following Jesus.

Something Random

I’m a huge nerd. Like seriously. Comic books, Superheroes, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Doctor Who … You name it, if it’s nerdy I probably like it. My standard outfit is some nerdy t-shirt and jeans.

Kyle Belden


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