Monica Chavez

Partner - Mexico

  1. (209) 521-0181, ext 2320

Monica Chavez has been serving the Lord at Rancho Santa Marta in Baja California since 2003. As a housemom at the orphanage, Monica has been caring for 10 beautiful girls and watching them grow. She says that “besides caring for their daily needs it has been a blessing to be able to share the Lord’s love with them and watch them mature as they develop their relationship with Jesus.” As part of the ministry with Rancho Santa Marta, Monica also teaches basic social and living skills to children with special education needs. Though her years at Rancho Santa Marta have been full of challenges, Monica is grateful for what the Lord has taught her through working with these children. Her prayer for herself is that she would do her best and always give glory to the Lord, and her prayer for her 10 little girls is that they would grow up with Jesus Christ as the focus in their hearts and lives.

Monica Chavez


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