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Steve and Liz Spellman currently divide their time between Brazil and Haiti. In Brazil, Steve serves as a regional and national church planting coach and mentor. For 20 years they lived in the city of Rio de Janeiro; in 2012 they moved to the city of Florianopolis, were they currently reside. In addition, Steve is the team leader for ReachGlobal – Haiti, traveling there 8-10 times a year, giving leadership to the emerging work in that ravaged country. The Spellmans have daughters: Alessandra (born 1989, currently living in Seattle), Rebecca (born 1991, university student in Chicago) and Kayla (born 1993, also living in Chicago). They ask for continued prayer for daily and constant protection for our family, especially in the midst of our travels, for a church planting movement to take hold in Brazil, and for true and powerful Gospel transformation to sweep across the country of Haiti.


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