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Thank you for joining Discover CrossPoint. We’re so excited that you’re here!

We invite you to learn about some specific ways to grow spiritually, be in community, and serve others so that we can join Jesus in rescuing the lost.

You’ll find a couple things on this page.

First, there are a couple videos for you to watch. In them, some of our pastors and ministry directors are going to walk you through what it looks like to get more deeply connected at CrossPoint, along with all the values and beliefs that make CrossPoint tick. You’ll also hear stories from some CrossPoint folks about how being connected in these areas has helped them grow.

Then, once you watch those videos, there’s a brief form for you to fill out. This form lets us know that you’ve watched the videos and are ready to get more deeply connected at CrossPoint.

Ready? So are we, so let’s get started!

Session 1

Session 1 Notes

Session 2

Session 2 Notes

Thanks for taking the time to watch and hear why we believe these areas are so important to your growth as a follower of Jesus. The next step is to let us know you’ve watched these videos by clicking the button below. We’ll follow up with you and discuss next steps!

I’ve watched the videos, what’s next?

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