Daniel Fast | July 7-11


Why are we doing the fast?

In January a group of us participated in a 10-day Daniel Fast. If you’re not familiar, a Daniel Fast has you eat nutritious plant-based meals while foregoing other foods as an act of worship and sacrifice to the Lord. This was the first time that I had done an extended fast, setting myself aside and seeking the Lord in intimacy and faithfulness. That fasting experience was significant to me, but throughout this year, we have seen God do some even more amazing things! Spiritual strongholds in some of our hard-to-reach neighbors have started to crumble. The Holy Spirit has led us into deeper times of prayer and worship. People are being moved to profound obedience to go where God is calling them, both to neighbors and nations, sometimes at great cost to themselves, and that’s just to name a few! I don’t know why He’s doing these things for us, but I am deeply grateful and have a strong feeling that it is connected to our season of fasting earlier in the year. …

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Below are prayer points to help guide you during the Daniel Fast.

Prayer Points


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