All through the Bible there are accounts of men and women who heard the story of Jesus Christ, believed in Him as the Son of God and the forgiver of their sins, and then were baptized (dipped into water) as a means of proclaiming and demonstrating that they were now members of God’s family.

Similarly, when people in our church begin their own relationship with Jesus, we encourage them to be baptized. Baptism is the way that we publicly proclaim our commitment to Jesus before our church family. It is a powerful outward expression of the inward change that takes place the moment one places their faith in Jesus.

Though a person is forgiven and made new the moment they put their faith in Jesus, we believe the Bible teaches that a person should be baptized because God challenges all His children to publicly proclaim their faith before their family.

If you have trusted in Jesus and committed to following Him the rest of your life, but have never been baptized, attend our next baptism workshop to find out more!



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