Personal and marital counseling

Counseling is available individually, as couples or in groups. Contact Verity, ext 2330.

Mentors for women

Each of us is on a journey and we need not walk alone. If you would like a mentor to walk alongside you, please contact or Bonnie at ext 2374.

Financial counseling

Through one-on-one coaching, knowledgeable budget coaches are able to help you evaluate monthly and periodic expenses, make a spending plan, set up a debt repayment plan, and answer other financial questions.

Please contact Kristine for more information, ext 2322 or at



Financial Peace University

  1. Sep 29 - Dec 01, 2019
  2. 10:45 am-noon
  3. Park Place
  4. Weekly
  5. Featured

What if you were following a plan for your money that you KNEW worked? What if you were debt-free, investing, Read More

CONTACT Counseling

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