Guest Services

Our Vision: Created For Connection

Jesus always created environments of connection. In His presence, outsiders felt welcomed, hard- hearted souls felt challenged, the unlovely felt loved, and the needy felt full.

The environments that we create at CrossPoint Community Church are tasked with being places that breed connection amongst and between everyone that God brings onto our campus. Each person that walks onto this campus has been created by God for connection and is worth being known and loved, regardless of their posture toward Jesus or their interactions with others.

Our Teams + Roles

We serve in a variety of roles centered around the call to connect people with God and others in our community. While these teams vary in their tasks and roles, we all believe in the same call to love and serve those that make their way to our campus each week.

Our Guest Services Guidebook

Download our GuideBook by clicking below in order to learn more about the roles and teams that exist to serve our Guests on Sundays. If you have any additional questions or if you would like get involved, use the form below to contact us.

Download The Guide Book

Guest Services

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