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Here you’ll find resources to help you lead your group well.


Here you can access the videos from our training sessions.

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This is the guide for how to use Planning Center Online for your group.

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Links, instructions, and tips for how to lead your group online.

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Core Behaviors Checkpoint

Use this assessment tool to help you identify an area of your life where some work needs to be done to become more like Jesus. You can also use us this as a tool with your home group and have a great conversation around areas of growing in Christ-likeness, where you can help each other take your next steps together!


Plan a Serving Opportunity

Check out these options to help your home group plan a serving opportunity. They include ministries and organizations in our community and a few ministries here at CrossPoint you can partner with.


Help Guests Feel Warm and Welcome

When people visit your group for the first time, they come with all sorts of questions. Here are some tips to help your new guests feel more comfortable, received, and accepted in your small group.


Share the Ownership

A checklist of possible roles for individuals or couples in your group so they can use their gifts/talents to serve their small group community.


Ice Breakers for your Group

To get discussions going in your group, it can be great to start with a good ice-breaker. This list has some great questions and activities to choose from.


Navigating Different Group Dynamics

Creating an environment for healthy community can be challenging at times. Use these tips to help all the different people in your group connect better.


The Four Qs for Group Leaders

These are four key questions to ask when someone in your group comes to you with an issue they’re experiencing. This will help you as you support them and point them in the direction towards getting the best help they need.


Doing Home Groups with Kids

How do you solve the childcare issue for couple’s groups? If you have kids with you at your group, how do you help them to live more like Jesus but still create space for the adults to grow as well without the kids distracting you for the whole night?

Tips on Group Prayer

Typically, group prayer goes better when we follow three simple guidelines.  Keep these tips in mind as you spend time praying for each other whenever you meet together.


Suggestions for Group Social Events

Check out a bunch of great ideas we have gotten from other home groups about socials that would be fun to plan for you group to connect in a less formal setting!


Group Leaders

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