Ralston Tower

Our Mission

Our heart for Ralston stems from relationships between our student ministries and the residents of Ralston. Beginning over a year ago, the students would gather before youth group on Wednesday nights, and head down to Ralston Tower to love on the residents there. From that movement, relationships have flourished. We now participate in life at the tower weekly in new and growing ways, all for the purpose of sharing Jesus with those who live there.

Our Method

Ralston Tower, a retirement home close to our church campus, is filled with amazing individuals. To extend to them the love of Jesus, we build relationships with the residents through weekly visits. We play board games, share stories, sing songs and enjoy food. Some of the residents can’t come out of their room for various reasons, so we deliver a hot meal to their door once a month.

Get Involved

Our ministry at Ralston Tower is founded in relationship building. The majority of our efforts goes into simply being with the residents as often as possible. Our structures are constantly evolving to better facilitate relationship and the building of trust.


Once Monthly

Once monthly we lead a church service at Ralston Tower to encourage and help disciple residents.

You can help serve these residents by:
• Friendship / Conversation • Praying with Residents
• Teaching • Encouragement • Worship Leading


5-6:30 PM

Help us deliver warm meals to shut-in residents of Ralston Tower (from illness, recovery and rest).

You can help love these residents by:
• Preparing Meals • Serving the Meal • Serving Drinks
• Welcoming Guests • Setup / Clean up

Ralston Tower

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