Why use the term ownership?

“Membership” supports the idea that “members have rights.”
“Ownership” supports the idea that “owners have responsibilities.”
What is church ownership?

Ownership is a way for you to:

Declare that you agree with the church’s mission, vision and statement of faith.
commit to being a part of what God has called us to do.
demonstrate your intent to connect with this part of God’s family.
acknowledge your partnership with other believers.

Would you like to start the ownership process?

The first step is to go through the online Discover CrossPoint video series! Click here to start.

Is ownership only for adults?


Anyone age nine and up can become an owner of CrossPoint Community Church. Anyone interested in baptism or ownership should let their pastor know by either talking to a staff person in their ministry or contacting the church office. Then …

Children age nine through fifth grade meet with a children’s ministry staff member. One or both parents are required to attend with their child. The staff member will talk with the child to find out where the child is in his or her faith walk and then discuss the results with the parent. Together they’ll determine the child’s readiness for baptism and ownership.

Middle school and high school students attend the regular Ownership Workshop mentioned above.



CONTACT Ownership

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