Serve in Worship

Thank you for your interest in the worship ministry. When it comes to leading worship for our CrossPoint family, we believe that your relationship with Jesus is just as important as your musical ability. Our band, choir, and orchestra members love using their skills to worship God and we’re looking forward to seeing how you can play a part in it too.

We accept auditions via video submissions. If you want to audition for multiple instruments, or instruments and vocals, please submit separate videos for each.

How to submit your application

  • Click the “Worship Audition” button to get started
  • Tell us about you.
  • Copy and paste the link to your YouTube video in the provided field.
  • Under privacy settings, select “Unlisted” and title with “Your Name – CrossPoint Audition”
  • Click submit and you’re done! We’ll contact you soon.
  • Thanks again for your interest.
Serve in Worship

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