Tech Team

CrossPoint Tech exists to remove distractions that could cause people to miss out on what God wants to communicate to them. As a part of the CrossPoint Tech Team, you get to use your gifts and skill with technology to further God’s Kingdom here in Modesto, CA. We work closely with the worship team in use of technology to enable the message of God’s truth to be presented clearly. Whether it’s sound, lights, video, or media presentation, all these elements play a vital role in creating a distraction-free environment.

We all have many different gifts and talents and God has brought us together to use them in unity. Every “little” job and task is crucial to the whole picture of the service. It is an extremely exciting thing to be part of what God does through the services. According to 1 Corinthians 12 we are all functioning parts of a body and when we function together, we are far more effective.


Tech Team


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