Women’s Mentors

Women’s Mentors

Life is an adventure! Sometimes everything seems to be going smoothly and sometimes we hit a bump in the road or are thrown for a loop! Whatever direction our adventure takes us, it can be so helpful to have someone alongside us.

One of the most meaningful and encouraging friendships between Christian women is a mentoring relationship. It’s helpful to walk alongside a mentor, who shares the hope, strength, and encouragement she’s received from God as she’s experienced life’s twists and turns. This type of discipling can make a huge impact in the spiritual lives of women as they seek to follow and become like Jesus. Both mentor and mentee are richly blessed!

If you are interested in finding out more about having a mentor to meet with once or twice a month, please email us at women@cpmodesto.org


Click below to hear from two ladies about their mentor/mentee experience!




Women’s Mentors


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