Mom’s Day Ideas

Mother’s Day might feel a little different this year. Some of our go-to methods of celebrating the moms in our lives might not be possible but moms are worth celebrating! Here are nine ways to make Mother’s Day special this year.


Breakfast in Bed

Everyone loves waking up to a delicious breakfast. Not much of a cook? Here are a few simple to follow recipes:

French Toast (Easy)

Easy Bacon And Egg Crescent Ring (Easy and can be made ahead)

Cinnabon Copycat (A little more involved but can also be made ahead)


Curbside Lunch Pick-Up

Pick up her favorite meal from one of our great local restaurants offering curb-side pick up.


Give her a break

Sometimes the best gift is a few moments of quiet. Make her favorite beverage and give her some time to take a break and relax.


Make her something

Many times the most memorable gifts don’t have a price tag.



Put together a picnic

Grab some of your favorite treats, a nice big blanket and find an appropriate spot to take in the sun and have a picnic as a family.


Ask her

Sometimes moms know what they would appreciate the most. It may be something they’ve had their eye on to purchase that has sat in their cart for months or simply the offer of a guilt-free purchase.


Coupon Book

This is a great way to appreciate the mother figures in your life more than just once a year. Make up a list or booklet of ways to serve her. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

No-Complaint Chores
5-Minute Recap of your Day (she likes it when you share your day with her!)
Clean the house
Wash the dishes (don’t forget to wipe down the counter and sink afterwards!)
A Day of Sleeping In (bliss!)



Always a classic! There are still local businesses operating in our community to help you brighten up your home with flowers. Here are a few we know of:

Ava’s Flowers

Modesto Flower Gallery

Fresh Ideas

Make a Meaningful Memory

Light a bonfire, go for a bike ride, have a movie night. Give the moms in your life a great memory with the family that she doesn’t have to plan!

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