Our culture is changing rapidly and to add to the complexity, we’re entering into a heated political season. While these things are true, Jesus’s Church has the unique blessing of being a family with a sovereign God Whose character does not change. He’s given us what we need to respond (not react!) to the culture and politics around us in a way that is faithful to Him, and to be salt and light to the people who need Him. This is the focus of our current series, “Biblically Navigating Culture & Politics.” Below are resources that might be helpful to provide balanced information.

In providing these resources, the leadership at CrossPoint is not endorsing every view expressed in them, nor every view of the authors/creators of these resources. Rather, as with any resource we might recommend, every believer must prayerfully and responsibly discern, together with other believers, what is true and what is not. And, our Shepherding Team is always available to help discern in these matters!


Scripture is our authority for all truth. As we navigate culture and politics it is of the highest importance that we first know how to study the Scriptures. This book is a good primer on how to grow in your study of God’s Word.


The biggest news of the day, summarized in a way you’ll actually understand and enjoy, paired with brief Christian perspectives.

Helps churches, leaders, and believers grapple with the issues presented by an increasingly secular society.

Prayer Guide

Thanks to 24/7 Prayer for this guide for praying through this election season.