Prayer Room


We hope the Prayer Room will be a comforting and peaceful place for you to pause and connect with God. Please be sure to read all of the information below. If you have any questions, email us at


8:30 am-5 pm

• Please note the church office is closed daily from noon-1 pm. If you plan to come during that time, you must pick up a fob by 11:45 am and return it after 1 pm.

• All fobs need to be returned by 4:45 pm.


Worship + Prayer | Weekly Gathering
Thursdays from 6-7 pm
Join us for a time of worship and intercessory prayer focusing on the nations. Each week will be dedicated to a specific country or mission area, and we’ll also pray for the Gospel to flourish among all people in all places.


• Visit the receptionist in the church office to check out a fob for access to the Prayer Room.

• If you’re visiting the Prayer Room as a group, only one person needs to request a fob.

• Please don’t let anyone into the Prayer Room who isn’t with your group. They will need a separate fob.

• There can be more than one person/group using the room at a time as long as they have requested a fob. 

• Once you’re finished with your time in the Prayer Room, you must return the fob to the receptionist in the church office. Please make sure the same person who signs out the fob also returns it.

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