Our Plan for Reopening

CrossPoint family, we have a plan!


As of Governor Newsom’s statement on Monday, May 25, churches are now able to hold worship services with congregants in person up to either 25% of a building’s capacity or 100 people, whichever is smaller.

We are committed to reopening our worship services, ministries, and groups in a God-honoring and safe manner. We want to ensure the campus, staff, and volunteers are ready to welcome you back to campus with the best experience possible, meeting the health and safety requirements put in place by authorities.

If you haven’t yet watched Pastor Matt’s May 28 video where he shares the convictions that guided our decisions, you can watch it here.

Here’s the plan, in a nutshell.

June 7

Training on campus for volunteers and staff
Services continue online

June 14

Services on campus for 100 people each in the Worship Center and Pavilion
Services continue online

Our online services will continue each Sunday, so you can worship with us at home until you feel safe to return to campus. We recommend that anyone in a higher risk category continue to worship with us online until this situation is resolved.

We want to make sure everyone has accurate information about our reopening, so please help us by pointing people toward this page if they have questions. We know the last several months have not been easy, but we are thankful for your commitment to the Lord and your love for our community. We’ll see you soon!

Frequently Asked Questions

June 14 we begin services in the Worship Center and Pavilion for 100 people in each room at both 9 & 10:45 am. The service will be live in the Worship Center and streamed to the Pavilion

You’re welcome to bring them into the worship service with you. You’ll need to keep them with you at all times. When you register, include all children in the number of spaces you save, even if an infant will be in your arms or a carrier the entire time.

Inside the worship venues you will need to wear a face covering. To ensure everyone’s safety, our options were to require face coverings or not sing. We want to be able to continue worshiping our Lord with song, so we’ll all be wearing face coverings inside the worship venues.

If you are medically unable to wear a tight-fitting mask, please consider an alternative, looser-fitting face covering.

We’ll have designated seating areas in the Worship Center, with hosts to seat each family group or individual to maintain at least a 6 ft distance.

In the Pavilion you’ll be seated around tables, also with hosts to seat each family group or individual.

The services will be touchless, so we won’t be handing out programs, or handshakes, or offering plates. On Sundays when we take communion, we’ll provide the elements ahead of time in self-contained packages.

We have increased our already thorough cleaning schedule, and a team will sanitize both venues before each service.

Everyone will be directed on how to self-check for symptoms before coming to church, and when you check in, we’ll make sure everyone has done so. If you’re sick, please stay home.

Registration for June 14 will open on Tuesday morning, June 9. We’re waiting until then to open it to everyone to ensure that the volunteers who are serving that day will be able to have a seat. We’re also testing it for the first time on our training day on June 7 so we want to make sure we have time to work out any bugs. We’ll be sending out a link to the registration page via email and our social media channels, as well as posting a link here on this page. When you save your seats, you’ll receive instructions about where and when to check in.

We ask that you only save seats for yourself and your immediate family, and that everyone in a registered group arrive at the same time for check in.

Officials have identified these higher risk categories:

  • Older adults (65+)
  • Individuals with compromised immune systems
  • Individuals who have serious chronic medical conditions like heart disease, diabetes, and lung disease
  • Smokers
  • A care-taker of or has a high-risk category person living with them

At this time no other groups will be meeting on campus either on Sundays or during the week.

In coming weeks, we’ll be able to begin opening some of those groups in phases. Your group leaders will be communicating directly with you when the time comes. You can continue to watch this space for updates as well.

Here at CrossPoint, we’ve talked a lot about concern vs conviction. This season has been fertile ground for reacting out of concern over things that aren’t actually happening but could happen. From bias, people then make absolute statements about situations and people that aren’t legitimate. We believe that we have not been, nor do we plan to begin, making decisions from concern. Here are the foundational convictions that we are standing on as we move forward.

Convictions we are making decisions by:

  • 1. God loves His Church and His will is for her to be His influence in this world.
  • 2. God knows the outcomes of every action and will lead His church down the path that will most glorify Him, through people who fear Him and those who do not.
  • 3. God’s people are called consistently to submit to the governing authorities over them with very specific imperatives toward civil disobedience only when the authority demands disobedience toward God.
  • 4. God defines the Church as a body not an individual; therefore, the Church is called to find ways to experience true Gospel community regardless of the circumstances.
  • 5. God calls the Church to love people, and the love Jesus demonstrates is a self-giving and self-sacrificial love. Love risks itself, not others.

Each of these come from the testimony of Scripture and are not born of our bias, agenda, or preferences. This is the grid of how we have been and will continue to make decisions.

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