Take Your Home Group Online

Now more than ever, people need community. How can we meet this need in the midst of the coronavirus and being stuck at home? Here are some practical ways to stay connected:

  • In place of your regular group meeting, meet up weekly by creating a Facebook Group or by using video chat with apps like Zoom, Google Hangouts or Facebook Messenger to see each other and feel more present in each other’s lives. Check out the Online Groups Tutorial below for links and instructions for several resources to help you get started.
  • Share physical needs and prayer needs using text/chat apps like GroupMe or Facebook Messenger so you can respond in real time. See details below.
  • Phone calls, email, texting (old school communication)

Check in regularly with those in your group to see how they are doing and pray with them over the phone. Encourage them to also reach out to their own neighbors to see what their needs may be, or how they can pray for them. Your coaches will also be checking in with you to see how they can pray for you and your family and to help with anything you may need for your group. Thank you for caring for those in your home group as we walk through this season of change together.

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